What is WMI Provider Host and How to Stop


After beginning the task supervisor, users typically find processes that are not reasonable initially glimpse, which develop a load on the CPU. This function is most obvious on budget plan computer systems with weaker CPUs. The WMI Provider Host procedure is no exception; it can also put a hefty ton on the CPU for no evident reason.

This article will certainly inform you what the WMI Provider Host procedure is and why the WMI Provider Host process loads the Windows 10 processor. It will not work totally to disable the WMI Provider Host process, due to the fact that in brief, it is responsible for the operation of gadgets connected to the computer system. We recommend using the approaches proposed by us to minimize the tons on the system as a whole.

WMI Provider Host what is this process

The WMI Provider Host procedure is liable for the operation of all external tools attached to the computer system. The WMIPrvSE.exe documents, which lies on the system disk, is in charge of the present process. WMIPrvSE is a safe procedure produced by Microsoft and necessary for the regular operation of Windows. Stopping a process or removing documents can lead to a complete system collision.

  1. The CPU tons typically appears after:
  2. Automatic vehicle driver updates
  3. Connections of new outside equipment
  4. Operating system updates
  5. Inclusion of different aesthetic impacts in the system

WMI Provider Host loads Windows 10 processor

The service control window permits you to quit, begin, reactivate, or change the startup sort of any of the solutions existing in the Windows 10 os. See additionally other ways to open up services in Windows 10.

  1. Open the services by running the services.MSc command in the Win + R window.
  2.  Next, open up the context menu of the Windows Management Instrumentation solution, and also then click Restart.


The Windows Management Instrumentation service gives a usual interface and object model for accessing details about handling the os, gadgets, applications, as well as solutions. After quoting this service, numerous Windows applications might not function correctly. When this service is handicapped, services dependent on it can not be started.

Given that the issue depends on the connected exterior devices, switching off the gadgets one by one can help the customer establish which device triggers the processor tons in the Windows 10 operating system. After identifying the problem gadget, we recommend that you discover as well as mount the current chauffeurs for the connected devices.

  1. Press the key combination Win + X, and also in the context menu that opens, select the Device Manager item.
  2. Right-click on the connected exterior gadget and also pick the Disconnect device product in the context of the menu.

Disconnect device

The system will certainly report that switching off the tool indicates that it will quit working. The individual should confirm the shutdown of the device. Examine whether the processor tons has been protected by the WMI Provider Host procedure. If the load has gone away, then you are undoubtedly lucky and the very first time you have identified a gadget with troublesome motorists. Download and install the most current tool vehicle drivers, if any, and install them on your computer.

As in most instances, a situation is feasible when destructive programs are camouflaged as system processes. We recommend that you set up the most current system security updates as well as upgrade anti-virus data sources on time. Amongst the lots of antivirus programs, you can choose the very best cost-free antivirus software.


Usually, after discovering that the WMI Provider Host process begins packing the processor in Windows 10, customers think of a tidy installation of the os. Such a solution will most definitely help the individual fix the existing issue, but suppose there is no time at all to reinstall the system. We recommend that you make use of the approaches provided by us, instantly after you discover what the WMI Provider Host process is. And additionally, see how to check the honesty of Windows 10 system files.