How to Disable Chrome Software Reporter Tool (2020 Updated)

If the computer suddenly began to reduce, at the actual time most likely to the Task Manager and see which procedure is presently consuming one of the most resources, filling the processor, memory or tough drive. In general, you do this as well as see that the perpetrator in the performance drop is a specific Software_Reporter_Tool.exe, released in one, or possibly even in several circumstances.

It’s weird, you think, I’ve never encountered such a process before, was it an infection that got involved in the system? We hasten to guarantee you, the Software Reporter Tool process has absolutely nothing to do with virus activity, rather, on the contrary, it is accountable for identifying destructive software application on your computer system. Well, well, exactly what is this procedure, where did it originate from and also just how did its executable data get to the computer system?

Source of Software Reporter Tool

Right-click on the process, select the “Open data location” choice as well as go directly to the Google Chrome directory situated at % userprofile%/ AppData/ Local/ Google/ Chrome/ User Data/ SwReporter/ 35.180.200 (the name of the last folder might vary). It appears that the software_reporter_tool. exe executable file is straight associated with Google Chrome. Yes, it is, it belongs to the internet browser, as a result, it is totally secure, as you can see for yourself by sending it to VirusTotal for verification.

In previous variations of Chrome, the Software Reporter Tool was known as a Chrome cleaning device, currently, it can be released from the sophisticated web browser setups by selecting the option “Remove malware from the computer”.


The part is likewise accountable for accumulating as well as sending out to Google the info gotten throughout the scanning, which is analyzed as well as used to more improve internet browser protection mechanisms.

But the Software Reporter Tool is not even a “mini-antivirus.” The element searches for malware only within the internet browser, getting rid of expansions and scripts that may cause issues in Chrome or disrupt its operation. As a policy, the Software Reporter Tool module automatically starts when a week and also does a setup scan, which takes around 25 mins in the total amount. Of training course, the tool is not perfect and, in addition to pluses, additionally has disadvantages.

The pros include:

  • Removal of destructive software application.
  • Removing unneeded expansions installed in Google Chrome by third-party programs without your knowledge 
  • The tool often consumes a significant share of resources, loading RAM, the processor and the hard drive. The scanning process often fails.
  • A module may make a mistake and remove a useful and completely safe extension.
  • The Software Reporter Tool collects and submits statistics to Google, which displeases users who are concerned about privacy.

Generally speaking, the Software Reporter Tool is useful, and its existence shouldn’t bother you. The exception is when the component consumes too many resources, interfering with the normal operation of other programs. When the Software Reporter Tool loads the memory or processor on the computer, then you can disable or even delete it. At exactly the exact same time, from the Chrome settings, it is only possible to prohibit sending data, to disable the whole tool, you want to use a little registry tweak.

How to get rid of the Software Reporter Tool process

Download the archive With REG files in the connection, unzip It, pick the method (folder 2 or 1 ) and merge the Disable Software Reporter Tool.reg file. Tweak No. 1 prevents the launch of the Software Reporter Tool and disables the reporting of scans.

software reporter tool 2

Rename the executable and disable inheritance

A more radical way to prevent the software_reporter_tool.exe Document from Starting would be to rename it by replacing the. Exe extension using a BAK or OLD

software report tool 3

Finally, you can change permissions for all files from the SwReporter directory so that they will no longer have the ability to run. Open the properties of this SwReporter folder, on the Security tab, select Advanced, and in the new window, click Disable inheritance – Eliminate all inherited permissions from this item.

disable the google chrome software reporter tool

The tool will no longer have the ability to run unless you allow inheritance back.

All of the activities described above are secure, but still, remember that they violate the ethics of Google Chrome. The result of such changes might be the appearance of any slight error in the browser.

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