MSI motherboard lighting control


You can no longer surprise the user with the backlight on the motherboard. My budget motherboard MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX has it. Although when buying, I did not even count on the backlight. In principle, now I don’t need it (at least until I replaced my old case).

This article will show you how to control the lighting on your MSI motherboard. Let’s figure out how to turn off the backlight using my motherboard as an example. You can sync the RGB lighting of your graphics card, RAM, storage, case, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

How to turn off the backlight of the motherboard

MSI Mystic Light

The app is used to customize the lighting color and visual effects of both MSI devices and other brands that are compatible with the Mystic Light system. For example, my V-Color 16 GB (8×2) memory is detected, but the Asus Rog Strix RX580 8 GB video card is not visible.

In the software, select MB (MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX), specify the Disabled effect and click Apply . All supported devices are automatically displayed in the app. I also turn off the backlight of the RAM by selecting DRAM.

msi mystic light

MSI Dragon Center

The application allows you to optimize the performance of your system (there is built-in monitoring). We are interested in the ability to control the backlight. With just a few taps, you can customize or turn off the backlighting of supported devices.

Under Home> Mystic Light, select the device you want, like your MB motherboard . In the LED Style list, set the value to Disabled and click Apply . Although the image of the RAM is not pulled up, it turns out to adjust its backlight.

MSI Dragon Center

Important! Depending on the model of the motherboard, you can turn off the backlight directly in the BIOS. Unfortunately, on my motherboard MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX this is not possible. The likelihood that the ability to control the backlight will be added in the BIOS update is zero.

And the BIOS of the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge motherboard has an EZ LED Control parameter. It can be used to enable or disable RGB lighting. Only special ones have this opportunity. What it depends on is difficult to predict. We cannot understand the logic of MSI.

EZ LED Control

MSI question . How can you install the backlight and not implement the ability to turn it off? You have a lot of software, but there is no sense in it. Do your employees get paid for useless cloning of proprietary software? Does the user need it?


You can turn off the lighting on my MSI motherboard using the Mystic Light or Dragon Center apps. There is no way to just drag one slider in BIOS if I don’t need it. Let me remind you that I myself use a completely closed case without tempered glass.

It’s like promoting proprietary software. Install a few more programs to control the backlight of the motherboard. Better yet, all MSI software. New motherboards have a physical button to quickly turn the backlight on and off.