How To Use MSI Dragon Center

How to use MSI Dragon Center

The MSI Dragon Center application allows you to track and, if necessary, optimize the performance of your system. In just a few clicks, you can change the user script, display color mode, sound effect, adjust the backlight, and much more.

This article will tell you how to use the MSI Dragon Center. Immediately after starting, it waits for the initialization of the SDK. Now you can move on to using the software. Setup takes just a few minutes of your time. Monitoring and backlighting are configurable first.

Setting up MS Dragon Center

Important! Some features may vary depending on the product used. With each new version of the application, functionality is being finalized and new opportunities appear. Although the basic functions remain the same.

The MSI Dragon Center application can be installed from the disk (for example, to the motherboard), the official website of the manufacturer, or the Microsoft Store. After installing it, you will need to register your product using any of the available methods.

Gaming Mode – provides a feature to automatically configure the games you play. Automatically selects settings that provide the best quality visual effects and gaming experience. It only works with the games below. If the game is not on the list, the function simply will not work.


User Scenario – allows you to select a predefined performance scenario or customize your own.

Extreme performanceA configuration that provides maximum performance in AAA-class games, which also includes overclocking.
BalancedUses convenient standard settings recommended by MSI.
SilentLimits the fan speed to ensure maximum silence.
User modeIt allows you to independently adjust the level of performance to your needs.

user scenario

Monitor – contains all available monitoring data. Displays the frequency and load of the processor, the temperature of the components (central processor and motherboard), their voltage, and rotational speeds of all connected fans. To view them in detail, turn on the Hardware Monitor.

msi moniter

True Color – allows you to adjust the color mode of the monitor. Preset profiles are available: comfortable, gaming, movie theater, default, or custom, which you can configure yourself. Previously discussed in detail the monitor color settings in Windows 10.

Mystic Light is a very useful section for turning the backlight on and off. All supported backlit devices will be displayed here. You can configure both a separate color style for different components, and synchronize their backlight.

Mystic Light

My device

Now you need to register your device. This will give you several advantages during use. In the My device section, you can register it automatically. The program itself will detect, for example, your motherboard, you only need to agree to the addition.

Benefits include obtaining registration of a device warranty, news about promotions and events, device maintenance and support, and the ability to view registered MSI devices. Additionally, after registering the product, it will be possible to use automatic software updates.


It allows you to scan installed software and, if necessary, install its update. Everything happens automatically. You just need to confirm the update.

Rebooting the system is required to complete updating the BIOS, drivers or software. Do not turn off the system during the installation process. If it has already begun, wait for it to complete.


At first glance, the MSI Dragon Center program is not easy to learn. Although after several days of use you get used to the update. Previously used ASRock software. I hope for a quick update and refinement of at least the MSI Dragon Center user interface.

If it is supported by you, you can try installing Creator Center. The possibilities are the same, the interface is a bit nicer. For me, the most important thing is the control of the illumination of components and a quick view of the temperature of the system components. This is and works in normal mode.

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