How to Move a Steam Game to Another Drive

It is no longer possible to play modern projects without an SSD. Hard disk boot times want to be the best. The other day, the Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB solid-state drive was purchased. It’s time to move your Steam games to another drive. They will launch even faster.

This article will show you how to move your Steam game to another drive. Installing an operating system on an SSD drive saves a lot of time during use. What can we say about heavy game projects. For example, the game GTA 5 on hard loads forever.

Steam library folders

With the Steam library folders you can install files on multiple hard drives. Go to Steam> Settings> Downloads> Steam Library Folders . Create a new location for the game (select the SSD partition) by clicking Add folder.

Steam Library Folders

Built-in Steam Move

Open Game Properties Local Files> Change Installation Folder . From the list, select which folder to move the files to. And click Move folder . Next, the process of moving the game will start, which takes some time. When finished, you will see a short report.

Change Installation Folder

Steam Library Manager Utility

Ironically, it works with the Steam, Origin and Uplay apps. Clicking Create Library , specify the new location and type of library: Steam . This is an alternative way to create a Steam library folder. To create you need to close the Steam client.

The interface of the program may differ slightly depending on the version. All the same, the essence of the method does not change. To move, drag the game to a new library folder. And in the task manager, click Start . Wait for the inscription Completed copying the game.

Backing up Steam Games

Select Steam> Game Backup & Restore . Indicate that you want to Back up programs . Select the game you want to backup from the list. After choosing a location, specify the file size (the archive can be split into some files).

After compressing the files (creating a backup), you need to delete the local game files. As before, create a new location for your games by selecting Steam Library Folders . Click Restore from backup, specifying the folder with the backup and the partition (folder) on another drive.

Bonus! Fortunately, the majority of Internet users allow the game to load quickly. Do you have 300 Mb / s or 1 Gb / s? Then you can download the game again, having previously selected a new location. This can be faster than migrating from a fragmented hard drive.


The functionality for moving Steam games was also immediately implemented. Often times, you have to move games from HHD to SSD. This improves overall application performance. The time for loading and unloading textures is specifically reduced (sometimes even several times).

At a minimum, you can simply copy the files through the explorer to the desired folder. In Steam, you can delete a game whose data has already been copied. Try reinstalling the game, but using the new location. After checking the integrity, you can already play.


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