How to make Paper in Minecraft

how to make paper in minecraft

Tsai Lun invented paper in the second century AD. They say that Comrade Lun was terribly afraid of persecution by the law enforcement agencies of the Middle Kingdom, because before him “paper” was made from hemp fibers. This prompted him to look for more legitimate and high-quality material for recording anecdotes, which were scattered to the right and left by the funny (of course!) Chinese.

How to make paper in Minecraft

Millennia later, the feat of the great Chinese was repeated by the developers of Minecraft. The creators of Minecraft, of course, had completely different motives. Moreover, in Minecraft it is generally impossible to write on paper in its original form. No anecdotes, no memoirs, or anything else. Although there is still a loophole. But more about her later.


The paper sheet appeared in Minecraft in version 1.0.11. Another version name is Seecret Friday 6. You can craft paper from sugar cane. To do this, three blocks of this plant must be placed in a row in the crafting area. The figure demonstrates this clearly. Reeds, like other plants in Minecraft, can be grown independently, or can be found in the vastness of the game. This representative of the flora grows randomly in Minecraft. Agronomy players are more likely to choose the first option. Well, for those who are sick even of the word “vegetable garden”, the second is suitable.

Like a cane, you don’t have to make a piece of paper yourself. If you suddenly wander into any fortress, you can expect to find it there in the library. True, we do not promise in rolls. But Tsai Lun was picky too.

So why do we need paper?

In general, paper in Minecraft is used mainly as an ingredient in crafting items. For example, it is possible to craft an enchanting table with it. For those not in the know, this is a block that enhances the effect of weapons and tools. Only the paper here is no longer in its pure form, but in recycled, in “book”. In other words, to craft the aforementioned table, you first need to make a book.

And the book, in turn, must be made using not only the product of Chinese thought, but also the skin. The ratio of the components, respectively, is three to one (for more details, see the article on how to make a book in minecraft ). But in such a book nothing is printed and nothing can be written. For the paper in a book in Minecraft to acquire its original function, you need to make a book with a pen (by the way, it is also written about in the above article). This is the very loophole for writing lovers, which was mentioned above. However, the amount of text in such a “modernized” book is limited to 12800 characters. So, if you are a fan of Leo Tolstoy’s work, Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft) asks your forgiveness and highly recommends that you finally start getting involved in Twitter.


What else can you do with paper? If you want to better navigate Minecraft and you also have a compass in stock , you can craft a map. The recipe is simple: eight sheets of paper around the perimeter of the crafting grid, in the center is a compass. Done. Only the card prepared according to this recipe is empty. To take full advantage of the functionality of the maps provided by the game, you need to make its extended version. And now it’s very easy for you to make it: everything is the same, only instead of a compass – an empty map. Now the unexplored territories of Minecraft will come closer to you. It sounds like an advertising slogan, but what can you do if spatial orientation is not your strong point?

If you have a holiday, and you want to treat yourself to colorful fireworks, paper will come in handy here too. With its help in Minecraft, you can make a rocket, which will create a wonderful mood for you. To do it like this: take stars (up to seven), a sheet of paper and one to three parts of gunpowder. Place all this stuff vertically from top to bottom in the described order. The size and color of the explosion depends on the number and color of the stars.

A bit of history and facts

  • Crafting paper is made using sugar cane. “Craft” real – using wood pulp. Here is a curious discrepancy.
  • Prior to version 1.2, paper could be crafted from regular cane. From this version, in order to make it, you will need sugarcane. Renaming, however.
  • Before version 1.3.1, crafting a book was possible without using skin. Only paper.

This concludes our review. Crafting paper conquered. And in the near future, we have no doubt that you will be able to craft even more items in Minecraft, which our articles will indescribably help you with

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