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how to make a saddle in minecraft

Saddles in minecraft are not basic necessities, unlike at home. However, only in this way will it be possible to saddle both a horse and a pig. For this reason each player wants to know how to make a saddle. This will give you the opportunity to have good fun in minecraft. But the horses are only in new updates. To ride and the horse obeyed you, you need to hold the saddle in your hand and press the PMK while doing this.

The pig can be controlled using a carrot suspended from a fishing rod.

Saddles in minecraft

And so as much as you like, and fly too, but first you have to throw snowballs or eggs at the pig in order to saddle it. Therefore, it is important to know how to design and make saddles. There are beautiful episodes in the game that many players like, you can see them here on the video, especially the beautiful houses, offer a wonderful view. Several photos are also found at the bottom of the article, where craft is shown.

With the help of such a ride, you can raise the level of your player’s achievements. For example, just jump off a mountain or other sufficient height. Only so that the pig dies. You need to know that when the player gets off the pig, then the lasso will remain on it. Once your mount is dead, you can bring it back. Otherwise, the pig will not part with the saddle. Then you will need to craft. But a horse is no worse than a pig to have fun.

Why do you need a saddle

Some of the minecraft players use a pig when they are building a car. Using these recipes, you need to lasso the pig, create a trap so that it becomes the driving force of your car. It is the saddle that will help put her there. After all, the saddle is exactly the thing that the player would like to get hold of.

ride a horse

But you can only use it to ride a horse, for example, a horse looks quite good. For other purposes, it will not work in minecraft. But, nevertheless, a rare thing, and crafting is not always possible. You can find beautiful photos below. Also don’t forget to take a look at the houses.

How to make a saddle in minecraft

You need to start looking for a beautiful saddle in minecraft from the treasury. There is a chance that one of the chests will contain such a rare item. You can also find other useful artifacts that are hidden there. If you have 7 emeralds, then you can buy a saddle from the butcher. You need to search for this character in the village. It is not entirely possible that you will find a saddle at all, because the thing, once again, is rare.

There is an opinion that a saddle cannot be crafted at all. However, I would like to assure you that there is a mod with which it will be possible to do this

The recipe itself is quite simple to craft: we place one thread in the center, put two iron ingots in the first and last cells of the bottom row, five pieces of leather should be in the first row and the first with the last cell in the second row.

make a saddle in minecraft

Or you can make it out of red leather, like this:

  • melting the zombie meat into the skin

zombie meat

  • then we make red skin

red skin

  • and finally the saddle itself

saddle itself

Many players cannot do this, but that doesn’t mean that recipes won’t work. You can see the video with craft below (link to our section).

You probably won’t be able to make a saddle, and this recipe will go unclaimed. According to the minecraft developers themselves, this item belongs to rare artifacts that cannot be crafted. But there are additions and they can be found to perform crafting and successfully make a saddle, and this is done on various game resources. With the new minecraft updates, it is possible to modify the gameplay as well as bring in saddle recipes that will work.

Minecraft developers nuances

One can only hope that the developers of the official game version of minecraft will provide the opportunity for players to get the saddle themselves, or the chances of its immediate fallout will greatly increase in the dungeon chests. Previously, the butcher did not have a hooking tool in the game. With the arrival of new updates, those who want to ride a horse were very happy – after all, there is practically nothing to do! Moreover, it takes a lot of time to craft, as when building a house.

Summing up the above, we conclude that if you wish and luck, a saddle in minecraft will fall into your hands. You don’t need to waste time crafting, go and look for a saddle. You will have to do a lot and try hard, since creating a saddle is unlikely to work if you fail to craft it.

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