How to make a book in Minecraft

How to make a book in Minecraft

Greetings, dear book readers and bibliomaniacs of the minecraft world! 🙂 You are probably still very busy with the problem of survival, and then, why not: the improvement of your life in minecraft. But now, when the main difficulties are over, you can finally take a breath and, in addition to worrying about daily bread, also think a little about spiritual food. And we will reveal to you a great secret: how to make a book in minecraft.

What books can be created in the game

So, my friends, how to make a book in minecraft ? I want to clarify right away: two versions of the book are made in minecraft. This is an ordinary and so-called pen book. You probably thought that an ordinary book is made for reading.

So it would be in the ordinary world, but in our amazing cube world of minecraft, we use the book for completely different purposes. Namely, for crafting a bookcase: as a beautiful element of the interior of our home and not only.

And also, to create an enchantment table: this is a very unusual table for our magical affairs in minecraft. We have already sat down to write an article about him, so there will be a link soon. In the meantime, we briefly talked about him at the end of the article.

But we will use a book with a pen, almost for its intended purpose: not to read, but to write it. Maybe we’ll become famous writers. But we’ll talk about this later when we manage to craft them.

How to create a regular book

And now, dear friends, a description of how to craft craft: each separately. How the usual is done: for this we need paper and leather . If they already exist, then we can easily do it: open the workbench and arrange everything in the right order

how to make a book in minecraft

The leather needed for crafting can be obtained from cows . What you need to do for this: just walk around the neighborhood and they themselves will fall into our hands. We forget about pity and kill them, while the skin we need falls out. It also happens that instead of leather we get beef, which is unnecessary at the moment.

But the paper needs to be crafted . To do this, we will first have to chop the reed , it grows along the banks of rivers and reservoirs. And then in the workbench, make the amount we need, by the way, we will need it more than once, to create other useful things in minecraft.

How to create a notebook

Now find out, my friends, how a book with a pen is made. In order to craft it, we first need to make a regular book , which is part of the craft, then we need a pen and an ink bag . To get the latter, you will need to hunt chickens a little and pinch their feathers.

Do not laugh dear, in minecraft and not have to do that. Next, for the ink bag, we go to the octopuses that live in the sea. Do not worry, friends, octopuses are quite peaceful mobs and pose no danger. And after these simple preparations, having collected everything you need, we lay it out on the workbench and get our notebook for notes.

How to use a pen book?

Now that we have managed to make a book with a pen, we can write down there all the ingenious thoughts that come into our heads. But joking aside, we can actually write there: for example, a guide to survival in minecraft.

By the way, this booklet can also be of two types: unfinished, you can add or delete old records there, and signed, that is, already closed, the records in it are no longer subject to editing. She has 50 pages of 256 characters each.

Instructions – how to use it:

  • to open it, take it in hand and click on the RMB (right mouse button)
  • to postpone it, press RMB again
  • Done – allows you to write and save the text
  • Sign – offers a choice: either sign Sign and close or Cansel – cancel the decision to sign

What things do you need books to create

Now that we have managed to make the book, we must of course make the shelves for them. But seriously: we can use books as part of the craft of other wonderful things in minecraft: namely, bookshelves and an enchantment table. Let’s consider them in more detail.

How to build a bookcase

To do this, we need the usual books and boards created earlier

How to build a bookcase in minecraft

They can be used for minecraft as a decor element in the interior of our home. In this capacity, they look not even bad. But besides this, in the later versions of the game, it became possible to improve the power of enchantment with their help.

How to create an enchantment table

To do this, we need: again, an ordinary book created earlier and two very hard-to-get items in minecraft. These are diamonds and obsidian, the most durable material in minecraft.



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