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Facebook launches new logo, FACEBOOK will also be seen in Instagram and Whats App colors

Facebook has propelled another logo of its own. Just by taking a gander at the old logo of Facebook for example f you more likely than not comprehended that it is the personality of Facebook. Presently Facebook wouldn’t like to constrain its character to only one web-based life application. Facebook is hoping to present itself as an organization as a brand. Facebook is attempting to make an alternate character.

New Facebook Logo

Facebook’s new logo For these reasons, Facebook has structured another logo on Monday. You will see that the old Facebook logo used to be in little letter sets. Presently this time Facebook has arranged its logo in Capital Alphabets. This time’s FACEBOOK is in every one of the Letters Capital.

Aside from this, on the off chance that you take a gander at the plan of this new Facebook logo, there is no structure in it. This logo is straightforward. There is no structure of any sort in it. Facebook has kept its new logo exceptionally basic. A typical utilizing textual style has been utilized for this. Aside from this, FACEBOOK is written in capital letters from the center blue shading. So there is no structure in the new logo of Facebook.

Three Different Colour Options

Be that as it may, this time the Facebook company has planned the new logo of Facebook in three distinct hues to do its marking in its Facebook application just as its different applications like Instagram and WhatsApp. The logo is just in the basic and straightforward textual style yet it is made in three diverse shading alternatives.

facebook new logo

Facebook’s first shading alternative is blue shading, as it was previously. This logo is for the Facebook application. Aside from this, the Facebook organization has made the Facebook logo for its second application for example WhatsApp. The Facebook logo of this one is in green shading for example FACEBOOK is written in a similar shading as WhatsApp. Aside from this present, Facebook’s third application is Instagram. For this additionally, the organization has given a similar shading, where Instagram is noticeable to every one of you. Facebook has made its new logo FACEBOOK just in the shade of Instagram.

Facebook’s new logo and GIF are circulating around the web on every single social medium stages, including Twitter. We are additionally connecting GIF of the new logo of Facebook in our story. Take a gander at it and disclose to us how you preferred the new Facebook logo and what you need to state on the Facebook logo of Instagram, WhatsApp.

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