12 free Windows Software that everyone should have

Only the best free programs that can be useful to any Windows user, and as a bonus – an easy way to install several utilities from the list at once with just a few clicks.

Browser: Google Chrome


 Perhaps the Internet browser owns the Name of the Most popular software for the PC. Ironically, standard Windows browsers turned out to be the system’s weak point. Advanced users have long abandoned them due to bugs, slow growth and dubious usability. The new Edge browser, which replaced Internet Explorer, has improved the situation. But he could not catch up with the market leader – Google Chrome.

Firstly, Chrome supports a huge number of useful extensions that complement its features. Secondly, It’s cross-platform and synchronizes In addition, developers are quickly Implementing support for all modern technologies. For these reasons, it’s Reasonable to set up Google Chrome rather than a standard browser.

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2. BitTorrent Client: uTorrent

BitTorrent Client: uTorrent

The browser isn’t suitable for downloading large software, videos and other large files: the download may break at any time and progress will be lost. And the speed is not likely to please. For these functions, other applications are designed that quickly download files of any size and are not afraid of connection problems.

A great example is uTorrent software. It combines high speed and rich features to configure downloads. For the sake of the, you can also put up with built-in advertisements.

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3. Media Player: VLC

Media Player: VLC

Windows Media Player digests most of the basic formats, but might not be able to handle a few of the clips available on discs and on the internet. In this case, an alternative is to try the VLC player. This simple but powerful player is a cross-platform media combine that plays a huge number of multimedia formats, such as DVDs and video streams.

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4. Music player: MusicBee

Music player: MusicBee

If you are still listening to music downloaded to your hard disk, you need a fantastic music player. Winamp was once the ideal option, but following its resale value, the future of this project was in doubt and users had to look for a replacement. The obvious favourite is not easy to choose. But if you’re looking for a fast, beautiful and functional player, take a look at MusicBee.

One of its attributes is importing tracks from iTunes, playing podcasts and web radio, synchronizing playlists using Android, a miniature player, removable skins, a media library, an equalizer and plugins for new functions.

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5. Messenger: Skype


Skype is the most popular software for making free video calls. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft bought the messenger and integrated into Windows. Now the app is distributed with the operating system. If in some version of the OS preinstalled Skype is missing, it can always be downloaded from the official site.

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6. Graphical editor: Paint.NET


A graphic editor is an indispensable tool for photographers and Designers, which may be helpful to any other individual. If for professionals there’s Photoshop and similar software, Paint.NET is sufficient for the tasks of a user.

This Lightweight and glossy editor will come to the rescue if you will need to Crop the image, resize it, adjust colours or make notes.

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7. Cloud Drive: Google Drive

Google Drive

A cloud drive solves two important tasks when working with documents: it makes files available for different users and devices and also creates their backups. One of the best services in this class can safely be considered Google Drive. It’s easy to use, offers 15 GB of free storage for files in the cloud and integrates with many Google office services.

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Alternatives include OneDrive or Dropbox. 

8. Archiver: 7-Zip


1 day you may encounter an archived document which you cannot open without special software. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and install 7-Zip in your PC. This utility must solve all the issues with creating and reading any file archives on a PC.

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9. PDF Editor: Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader

You can open a PDF file for reading in any modern browser. But what if you need to not only familiarize yourself with the contents of this document, but also edit it make notes, add comments, or convert to a different format? For this, a special PDF editor is appropriate. By way of instance, Foxit Reader, which provides a middle ground between performance, ease of use and speed.

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10. System Cleaner: CCleaner


As you use your PC, crap inevitably accumulates in the system. ,, because of which it begins to create errors and slow down. Utility CCleaner is a universal, simple and efficient tool for cleaning the OS.

It frees up space in your hard disk, deletes temporary files of the browser and other software, tidies up the Windows registry and helps to fully erase unnecessary applications. CCleaner works in semi-automatic mode and does not require long configuration.

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11. Antivirus: Avira Free Security Suite or Kaspersky Free

Avira Free Security Suite

A fantastic antivirus for Windows won’t be out of place. The system has a pre-installed protection tool, but it does not consistently get the highest ratings from independent specialists. At the exact same time, anti-virus solutions from companies such as Avira and Kaspersky Lab are often among the leaders in line with the results of popular tests like AV-TEST. And these companies have complementary products which provide the essential level of protection.

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12. Hue Control: f.lux

Hue Control: f.lux

The miniature, but no less useful utility f.lux corrects the colours of the display to the time of day. You only have to indicate your neighbourhood and lighting conditions. Following that, f.lux will reduce the brightness and intensity of blue light towards the day, which, as you probably know, suppresses the production of sleep hormone. This will help you maintain the correct regimen and reduce eye pressure.

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